Book Review: City of Dragons (The Rain Wilds Chronicles, #3) – Robin Hobb


City of Dragons

By: Robin Hobb
Published: February 7, 2012  by Harper Voyager
Format: Paperback
Pages: 432
Genres: Fantasy, Adult
Rating: ★★★★☆

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The Tarman expedition has at last found Kelsingra, a city filled with ancient treasures. Rumours of the city have floated down the Rain Wild River. Adventurers, pirates and fortune hunters will soon be coming to pillage what they can. Among them, Hest Finbok, determined to claim back his errant wife, Alise.

Meanwhile, Selden Vestrit finds himself a prisoner of the ailing Duke of Chalced, who believes the ‘dragon man’s’ flesh and blood may cure him.

Where is Tintaglia, greatest of dragons, when there is need of her? She holds the memories that will unlock the mysteries of Kelsingra, and the power to defend it, and dragonkind. Without her, all may be lost.

My Thoughts

This was the book I’d been waiting for from this series! While I enjoyed Dragon Keeper and thought Dragon Haven was okay, this book took the series to a whole new level.

The scope of this book was much more vast than its two predecessors. While the first two focused on one group of people who were all travelling together, City of Dragons also incorporated storylines of characters from Bingtown, the Rain Wilds, and Chalced. The best part of this was the chance to catch up with some of my favourite characters from the Liveship Traders Trilogy, which I’d been crossing my fingers for before I’d even started the series! The new characters also meant that the soap opera-ness I hated in the second book was practically non-existent. With so many storylines to follow, there was no need for the characters’ romantic relationships and troubles to be as prominent. The downside was that it took away from some of the new characters that I’d come to know and love. In fact, some of my favourite characters only had a few scenes in the entire book!

The only other drawback was how incomplete it felt. It was almost as if the third and fourth books had been written as one, then the editor randomly decided how to split one book into two.

Despite the problems I had, the new characters truly reinvigorated my enthusiasm for the series, and made me want start the fourth book right away (which I did).

My Rating



3 thoughts on “Book Review: City of Dragons (The Rain Wilds Chronicles, #3) – Robin Hobb

  1. I was soooo happy when M. and R. showed up! I definitely never thought I’d say that about M. XD

    My biggest complaint about this series is how uninvested I was in the (often unnecessary) romances, but there are a few couples I shipped. Mainly it was the love triangle that got old quickly.

    As always with Hobb, though, the character development in her series is fantastic.


    • M. & R. showing up was definitely a highlight for me (along with the other cameos in Blood of Dragons).

      I had the same problem. The level of romance was so different from her other series! I agree that the love triangle was pretty awful. The whole mating thing was beyond creepy.

      Robin Hobb is definitely the Queen of Character Development!


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